Girl, Get Your Power:      How To Pray With Power (eBOOK)
Girl, Get Your Power:      How To Pray With Power (eBOOK)
Girl, Get Your Power:      How To Pray With Power (eBOOK)
Girl, Get Your Power:      How To Pray With Power (eBOOK)
Girl, Get Your Power:      How To Pray With Power (eBOOK)

Girl, Get Your Power: How To Pray With Power (eBOOK)

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Are you tired of not attempting to pray because you feel you don’t know how?

Are you constantly praying but feel you are not seeing any breakthrough?

Do you pray the same “boring” prayers every time you pray?

Do you pray “safe” prayers?

Is prayer intimidating to you?

Introducing, “Girl, Get Your Power”, Powerful Women Pray’s prayer guide for women who aren't satisfied with praying surface level prayers. They are ready to go deeper in God and receive breakthrough in their lives by praying effective, powerful prayers.

 PICTURE THIS…........

Prayer is becoming your first response rather than your last resort.

You are starting to see breakthrough in your life.

You are getting clarity on your purpose as well as God’s promises for your life.

You are hearing God’s voice more clearly and more often.

Circumstances that were once challenging are no longer present.

You notice it bit by bit. Day by day. Your life is changing for the better.

Because you’ve been filling every area of your life with the word of God and the power of prayer. There is nothing you hold back from God now. As a result, there is nothing God withholds from you. Blessings are tracking you down. Answered prayer is evident all around you. Instead of worrying, you just take your concerns to your creator and ask Him to intervene. More and more, you are reminding God of His word. And guess what? He responds with a yes and amen.

 All of the pain and challenges you were once faced with has drove you to discover the power you’ve had all along. It was a setup not a setback.

And let’s not even get started on how you are growing and glowing. Peace is your portion. God is manifesting complete healing over your mind, body, soul, and emotions.  Your marriage is thriving now more than ever. Your finances are resembling the favor of God. The destiny God has for you is starting to be recognized by you. Hope, faith, and love are ever present. Fear and doubt are now things of the past. God is now awakening something magnificent within you. This all came about because you bravely decided to get the power that has always been accessible to you as a woman of God.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why it is important to pray with power
  • The foundation of prayer
  • How and why you have the privilege to pray
  • How to pray the Word of God
  • What makes you powerful when you pray
  • How to form a prayer circle (circle of power)
  • How to remain consistent and persistent with prayer

This eBook will also provide ideas for:

  • Declarations
  • Prayer Journaling
  • Action Steps for your Prayer Circle


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